June 9th 2015

In order to be in alignment with our own internal standards and those of NSF and of the FDA CFR 111 GMP compliance requirements we are releasing our ingredient receiving terms and conditions. You will be notified of any updates and the policy will be available at www.ExcelsiorSuperFoods.com/terms for future reference.

Excelsior SuperFoods Terms and Conditions

Certificate of Analysis Requirements

  1. Certificate of Analyses must be provided prior to shipping so our quality department can approve.
  2. All carriers, fillers, excipients or other additives (i.e. any other ingredients) used in raw materials must be listed on all Certificate of Analysis provided to Excelsior.
    1. Even if carriers are not used we require it to be listed as “Other Ingredients: NONE”
    2. If you are NOT able to provide a Certificate of Analysis with “Other Ingredients: NONE” then we require an Ingredient Declaration and/or
      Specification document indicating there are no additional ingredients.

General Raw Material Requirements (please request specific ingredient specifications for more data)

Excelsior SuperFoods is a GMO, Pesticide, Gluten, Excipient, Filler, Irradiation, Solvent FREE company.

  1. Raw Materials that fail to meet the microbial specification listed by the America Herbals Products Association for “dried unprocessed herbs for use as ingredients in dietary supplements“ will be rejected.  http://www.ahpa.org/Portals/0/pdfs/14_0206_AHPA_micro_limits_comparisons.pdf
  2. Raw Materials that test positive for GMO’s, Irradiation, and Pesticide residues will be rejected.
  3. Raw Materials that have heavy metals above FDA approved levels will be rejected.
  4. Raw Materials must be verified gluten free to be approved.
  5. Raw materials that test positive for unapproved solvents will be rejected (request spec sheet).
    If a material is rejected, the vendor will issue an RMA.  Excelsior will provide documentation demonstrating the failure to meet our specifications.

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