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“Quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of nutritional products makes all the difference!” Dr. Jameth Sheridan, Original Founder

Excelsior SuperFoods is a Dietary supplement manufacturer, with specialty in botanicals, botanical extracts, and superfoods in powder and encapsulated form, in Tempe, Arizona. Excelsior SuperFoods has high standards for ingredients. These standards include using the highest quality, vegan, plant-based botanicals and botanical extracts that are pesticide, irradiation, solvent, and GMO free. We also manufacture without excipients, fillers, or any chemicals. Our company has high ecological and environmental standards related to any chemicals or materials used in the facility for a safe environment for the staff, the finished product, and the outside environment. Most of our products are bottled in glass packaging.

Excelsior, a Latin word often translated as “ever upward” or “still higher”. For Excelsior SuperFoods this means Constant and Never-Ending Improvement for ingredients, processes, to health supporting products.

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Pending Certifications in 2017 – Standards upheld as part of our Quality Standards

  • Gluten-Free (Gluten-Free facility with extensive in house testing)